Dr. Minoru KUBO

Associate Professor, Center for Digital Green-innovation, NAIST
Associate Professor, Center for Digital Green-innovation, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) in Japan


  Dr. Kubo earned his Ph.D. degree, M.S. from Graduate School of Science of Osaka university in Japan.

  Dr. Minoru Kubo has been an associate professor at NAIST Center for Digital Green-innovation since 2021. He has served as a research scientist at RIKEN Plant Science Center (2001-2006), a group leader of the ERATO project at Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) (2006-2011), an invited scientist at the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Science, University of Freiburg (2013), an associate professor at NAIST (2013-2019), and a lecturer at Kumamoto University (2019-2021).

  Dr. Kubo is expertized to plant biology and molecular biology, and interested in the molecular mechanism of cell differentiation and reprogramming in plants. Using next generation sequencing, he established a method of transcriptome analysis at single cell level and revealed cell behavior in leaf tissues during reprogramming. Alternatively, Dr. Kubo expanded his research field and collaborated with device technology researchers in an interdisciplinary study to develop micro-optical devices for sensing plant activity. He has recently tried to help solve social issues such as SDGs, collaborating with various stakeholders using new science and technologies at Center for Digital Green-innovation of NAIST.